Will your memories be preserved forever on videotape?  Absolutely not!  After as little as 10 years, videotapes could be in serious jeopardy from wear, disintegration, and magnetic fields.  Video heads in your VCR wear the tape during every viewing.  Furthermore, while your video tape sits on the shelf, chemical processes are at work destroying your tape.  Things like dust, humidity, temperature, and time all play a part in the deterioration of your videotapes. 

Convert your videotapes to DVD 
before itís too late!

By delivering excellent video and audio quality, longevity, incredible ease of use, preservation, and convenience, DVD is rapidly becoming the video format of choice.  Since its introduction in the mid 1990ís, DVD has experienced unprecedented growth making it the most accepted video format of all time.  The expected life of a DVD is 100+ years; therefore, your video keepsakes will last a lifetime! 


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